How to find out what your dream career could be


Did you know it’s National Careers Week?

This article in the Evening Standard got me thinking; If I had my time again would I have chosen a more interesting career?

It encourages us to explore our interests; the things we enjoy, before we make our career choices. In my case sport, exercise, travel and recycling furniture are my current passions however, none of these interests played a part in my early career.

Thinking about the kind of environment that we would prefer to work in is so important. I am very much a people person and so I feel most comfortable and at my happiest in a team environment. Although I have worked for myself for the past 10 years or so I still miss the camaraderie of working with others and relish any opportunities to collaborate and network.

Making sure the career we choose fits in with our lifestyle is crucial. When I left full time education I went into banking and finance and worked long hours. This would definitely not suit my lifestyle today which is why I love the flexibility of being self employed.

Redundancy forced me to re think my future career path and in many ways it did me a favour, however, I would always encourage those starting out to choose a career that incorporates their passions/interests. After all, you are a long time working so you might as well enjoy what you do for a living from the outset and give yourself the chance to create the work/life balance you deserve.

How to make your CV more appealing

A great article in last nights “Evening Standard”

So often clients come to me with a CV that does not reflect the skills and attributes they possess. They find is difficult to tailor their application to suit the job they are applying for and those with limited experience seem to forget to include key elements such as their achievements! Time and time again I see poor grammar, incorrect spelling and formatting that is far from aesthetically pleasing to the reader.

In my experience writing a CV that stands out from the crowd is not a quick win situation. Creating a document that a recruiter is likely to read all the way through resulting in that all important interview takes time and effort.